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  • Small Dishes

    1.Dim Sum Assortment (6 Pieces)10,00
    2.Vegetarian Dim Sum Assortment (6 Pieces)10,00
    3.Summer Roll (Refreshing Roll With Prawn and Mint)10,00
    4.Spring Rolls (4 pieces)9,50
    5.Kung Krob (Fried Shrimp With Mango Sauce)9,50
    6.Todd Man Pla (Thai-Style Fishcakes)8,00
    7.Chicken Satay (3 pieces)9,50
    8.Sesame Prawn And Pork Toast8,00
    10.Cantonese Wonton Soup (Small)8,00
    11.Stuffed Chicken Wing9,50
    13.Tiger Prawn Barbecue**9,00
    14.Imperial Shrimp Cake9,50
    15.Tom Koung Seafood Soup (Small)*9,00
    17.Chili Salted Prawns (w/ Garlic Mayonnaise)9,50
    18.Porcupine Meatballs (w/Waterchestnut)8,00
    19.Dim Sum Short Ribs (Steamed Ribs w/ Pepper)9,50
  • Soups

    20.Rice Noodle Soup (w/ Vegetables)13,50
    21.Thai Rice Noodle Soup (w/ Chicken)14,50
    22.Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup (w/ Beef)15,00
    23.Cantonese Wonton Soup (w/ Egg Noodles)15,00
    25.Shezuan Wonton Soup (w/ Egg Noodles & Duck)16,00
    26.Lucy’s Rice Noodle Soup (w/ Chicken & Prawns)16,50
    27.Malaysian Curry Soup (w/ Chicken & Egg Noodles)*15,00
    28.Tom Yam Kung (Spicy Prawn Soup)**17,00
    29.Pho Po Thai (Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup)16,00
  • Salads

    31.Laos Sesame Chicken Salad14,00
    32.Laab Gai (w/ Minced Chicken & Thai Herbs)*14,00
    33.Thai Beef Salad*15,00
    35.Glass Noodle Salad (w/ Tiger Shrimp & Lemongrass)**16,00
    37.Mango Salad (with Tiger Shrimp)15,00
    38.Yam Kung (Babyleavesalad with Shrimp, Coriander & Lemongrass)15,00
  • Sides

    40.Jasmine Rice2,00
    41.Sticky Rice2,00
    42.Fried Rice Small2,00
    43.Egg Noodle2,00
    44.Wok-Mixed Asian Vegetables2,50
    45.Green Garden Salad4,50
  • Curry & Coconut

    50.Thai Green Curry (w/ Chicken & Vegetables)**17,00
    51.Panaeng (w/ Red Curry & Beef)**17,00
    52.Tom Ka Kai (w/ Coconut Chicken Stew & Lemon Grass)*17,00
    53.Massaman (Coconut Chicken Curry)**17,00
    54.Malaysian Yellow Curry (w/ Chicken Or Tofu)*17,00
    55.Fish Curry (Red Curry with Seabass, Calamary & Shrimp ** )17,00
    56.Duck Curry Red Curry w/ Lychee & Pineapple18,00
  • Wok

    60.Beef Chow Mein (w/ Fried Noodles, Beef & Veggies)16,00
    61.Pad Thai (Chicken or Shrimp – Rice Noodles, Sprouts)18,00
    62.Japanese Fried Noodles (w/ Beef & Vegetables)16,00
    63.Fried Rice (w/ Chicken or Shrimp & Egg)16,00
    64.Korean Beef (w/ Sliced Beef Sautéed & Sesame)18,00
    65.Wok Fried Asian Vegetables (w/ Oyster Sauce)*15,00
    66.Black Tiger Prawns (w/ Garlic & Coriander)18,00
    67.Wok Fried Chicken (w/ Ginger)17,00
    68.Calamari & Black Tiger Shrimp (Over Glass Noodle)**18,00
    71.Peking Duck (w/ With Pancake & Hoisin Sauce)18,00
    75.Crispy Sesame Chicken (with Honey & Sweet Chili)17,00
    76.Mihun Singapore (with Shrimp & Chicken)17,00
    79.Tempura Sea Bass w/ Sweet & Sour Sauce18,00
  • Desserts

    82.Thai Coffee Panna Cotta6,00
    83.Lucy’s Chocolate Mousse6,00
    87.Duo Of Dark And White Chocolate Mousse6,00
    90.Gaai Dan Tsai (Hong Kong Egg Waffle)6,00
    93.Sweet Springroll w/ Banana6,00

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