5 Romantic things to do in Phuket

What better place for a romantic getaway then Phuket? Are you traveling with your love, but you’re not the most romantic person in the world? If inspiration is all you need, then look no further.

Seaside romantic dinners in the candlelight

Doesn’t that sound amazingly romantic? If Phuket and the beautiful sunset doesn’t make you want to love each other for ever and ever, then a romantic dinner date in the late night sea air will definitely change your mind.

We have 2 recommendations for you:

‘La Gritta Restaurant’ at Patong Beach

This is one of Phuket’s finest Italian restaurants and it serves excellent food at an affordable price. It has a certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor and you have the seaside right next to you.

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La Gritta Phuket

‘The Boat House’ at Kata Beach

This restaurant is a bit pricey, but it will be worth your while. The food and wine is said to be exceptional. It is even known as an culinary landmark in Phuket. I’m officially intrigued. How about you?

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Have a snorkling date

Impress your date with your exceptional snorkeling skills. And let’s be honest, you’ll look so cute in snorkeling gear.

And again, you have many snorkeling locations to choose from. There is no shortage of white sand beaches and exotic diving spots in Phuket.

Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi Beach is the third-longest beach in Phuket. Phuket’s beaches are perfect for snorkeling: they have crystal clear waters and no shortage of sea life, including colorful coral reefs to admire.

Let’s face it, after your snorkeling date, you’ll be exhausted, so you can rent a sleeping mat and a sun screen. Nothing is stopping you from having a long nap in the prettiest place in the world with the prettiest person in the world.

The Phi Phi islands

The Phi Phi islands are just off Phuket’s coast. It’s just 45 minutes away from Phuket by speedboat. And it looks and feels like paradise. It’s surrounded by nature and rock formations and water so blue you may just think it’s photoshopped.

Please, don’t touch the coral. It is extremely sensitive and will die when you touch it. Admire it from a distance.

Test your limits

Do you like to live on the edge or do you crave an adrenaline rush? Then this date is perfect for you!

Patong Beach is full of adventure. You can enjoy water sports, parasailing, cable skiing and so on. This ought to get your blood pumping. And if doesn’t do the trick, then the ‘World Bungy Jump’ is what you should do. It’s the highest bungee jump in Southern Thailand.

Eat, pray, love

What better to do on vacation than explore culture? And how better to do that then visit the most important Buddhist Temple in Thailand? Wat Suwan Khiri Wong, or Patong Temple, has amazing architecture and you don’t want to miss this treasure while visiting Phuket or Thailand.

Phuket FantaSea Cultural Theme Park

FantaSea is the ultimate cultural theme park. Tap into the magic and discover the myths of Thailand at FantaSea. You won’t easily get bored. This place is filled with wondrous things, including the ‘Elephant Theater’, ‘Festival village shopping street’, ‘Tiger jungle adventure’ and an entertainment center.

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