6 blogs on Asia you need to follow

Asia is a popular travel destination for people all around the world. But traveling to a new and different country isn’t always that easy. Blogs can help you get the most up-to-date and honest information about a destination, as well as unique and relatable stories from fellow travelers. These 6 blogs on Asia will help you to organize your Eastern adventure.

1. Nomadic Matt

This visual, creative and intriguing blog is written by New York Times best selling author Nomadic Matt. You can find all sorts of information on this blog: money saving tips, things you must do, you can even find information about how to buy good travel insurance.

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2. Adventurous Kate

Kate has traveled all around the world, but her adventure started in Southeast Asia. Her posts often go beyond simple travel tips to share information about local traditions, history and food culture. She writes about various topics: from eating insects to getting shipwrecked in Indonesia. She also talks about how to travel the world as a solo female traveler.


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3. Leave your daily hell

Robert left his daily hell to seek freedom, adventure and meaning. He wants to inform, inspire and empower travelers to do the same thing. Robert’s photos are inspirational, and his adventures, written like journal entries, will have you dreaming about your next Asian trip.

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4. The Solitary Wanderer

Aleah is a solo female wanderer. She started traveling alone when she was 11 and has a lot of tips and tricks to make your solo travel safer and more enjoyable.

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5. Runaway Juno

Born and raised in Seoul, Juno left her job as mechanical engineer to chase her dreams to travel the world. She emphasizes on personal stories, solo travel and photography.

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6. The South East Asian Backpacker

This is a must-read for anyone traveling to Southeast Asia. This site has a range of traditional blog posts with reviews of hostels, restaurants and other spots. It also focusses on specific activities you can sign up for across the region.

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