Franchise Requirements

Lucy Chang got its start as a single restaurant in Antwerp in 1999 with an ingenious concept of offering Asian food in a trendy and comfortable atmosphere. Direct communication between Lucy Chang and guests, transparency in preparation, and a climate for openness and sharing all worked so well that expansion was a natural consequence, and we are now present on every populated continent on the planet. But if there is one thing we have learned since beginning the journey, it is that each new city, region or country presents its own opportunities and challenges. The key to success lies in the people who lead Lucy Chang into the new areas. That is why we devote so much attention to attracting and selecting partners whose personal and professional qualities will make sure that the proven concept and system do not get lost in translation.

Lucy Chang brings a successful and coherent concept which has already proven itself in numerous markets and which promises great chances for success when implemented systematically; The franchisee brings his entrepreneurial skills, his knowledge of the local business and cultural climate, his personal network and contacts, and last but not least his personality, all of which are essential to ensuring success of the franchise in his territory.

This leads to the following personal characteristics which Lucy Chang looks for in a franchisee:

  • Strong identification with the Lucy Chang concept
  • Visionary and entrepreneurial thinking
  • Pronounced self-confidence
  • Positive leadership and motivational skills
  • Team-oriented attitude
  • A hands-on approach and the ability to quickly acquire new knowledge
  • The willingness and ability to work as an entrepreneur and at the same time to be part of a larger system
  • A well-established network of local partners, authorities and opinion leaders
  • Keen understanding of the local mentality and culture
  • The willingness and ability to build up a successful brand in your market
  • A sound background in business development
  • Operational experience in the catering branch


Lucy Chang will charge a monthly flexible franchise fee, depending on variables linked to location and turnover.  The franchisee is also required to cover a one-time development fee per restaurant.  This fee covers Lucy Chang’s active participation in setting up the new location, including location selection, coordination of construction and renovations, staff training, etc.


Is Lucy Chang expanding?

Yes, Lucy Chang is explanding, both in Belgium (currently looking in Namur, Liège and Leuven), as well as in other countries.

I am interested in a Lucy Chang-license, who should I contact?

All franchise enquiries should come through to our head office in Antwerp, Belgium. If you wish to discuss an opportunity, please contact us and we will contact you shortly.

Lucy Chang is already established in my country, is it possible to sub-franchise?

Unfortunately not, a Lucy Chang license is a master license for the entire territory. The license is granted to one operator in the territory and cannot be sub-franchised or licensed.

We are investors but are not in the restaurant industry, are you still interested to hear from us?

If this is the case, we ask that you find a partner who is a successful multi-unit restaurant operator who commits to the venture and is actively involved in the operation together with yourself.

We are real estate developers and have the perfect site location, can we buy a Lucy Chang license or restaurant?

No, our initial priority is to establish a license agreement with a partner who has a successful multi-unit restaurant operation. Location and site demands are determined at a later stage.

What details are initially required by Lucy Chang?

Firstly, we are always keen to hear from potential partners even if we have no imminent expansion plans in your country. What we do ask to receive is a brief profile together with any material which helps illustrate your existing restaurant business i.e. website address, menu or background as well as your financial plan.

What is your main requirement from a license partner?

Lucy Chang requires that all license partners have either an existing restaurant business succesfully established in the country in question or can demonstrate their experience in the running of multiple restaurants.

What countries is Lucy Chang most actively seeking to license?

France, Germany, UK, Italy and Scandinavian countries.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us!